Tamannaah Bhatia looks like a million bucks at her brother’s wedding

tamannaah-bhatia-7Family weddings are the time when you get a legit reason to bring out all the fineries and look better than the rest of the world. It is the time when you can shamelessly prioritise your looks, pretty much over anything else. And if you are a girl, who is attending her brother’s wedding, you have the divine right to look like an angel. Well, South siren Tamannaah got that opportunity at her brother’s wedding ceremonies, three days ago. The actress looked so pretty at the event that we totally get why Baahubali would climb the tallest mountain just to catch a glimpse of her. Her brother’s wedding’s first few ceremonies took place at a luxurious hotel in Mumbai.

Tamannaah gave us updates,on her social media page, of all her outfits from all the ceremonies that took place. Seriously, sisters around the world might just demand their brothers to bring that ‘Tamannaah wala lehenga’ for the special day, once they take a look at these gorgeous pictures. In two pictures she is twirling like the happy sister that she was on the day. Talking to Indian Express, she said, “I’m very happy that my brother has found the woman of his dreams, they both are so good together and looking at them makes me believe that marriages are made in heaven, Kartika is an amazing, strong woman of today and we are lucky to have her as a part of our family. I wish both of them a lifetime of happiness.”

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