Priyanka Chopra’s armpits controversies

The latest news on Priyanka Chopra may have cringed the actress, but the global star knows how to shut down haters in style. PeeCee’s latest magazine cover attracted a lot of flak on social media and otherwise for her extremely flawless armpits which she proved are indeed perfect with a post on her official Instagram account. Now it seems like it’s not just Ms. Chopra but the entire girl gang, who’s behind her in all the thick and thin, that has decided to slam her haters and detractors. Priyanka’s team recently striked the iconic pose which has become popular, all thanks to the controversy. She later shared the picture saying, “So this is #teamPcIndia in full form!!! Vineeta Chaandji Mrinaal Natasha Ashni Borker Ami Rohini Chanchal Anushree.. Missing @madhuchopra guess what we were imitating..? #birthdayMonth”

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