Shruthi hassan about her lip job 

South Indian beauty Shruti Haasan is currently gearing up for the release of her upcoming movie Behen Hogi Teri opposite talent powerhouse Rajkummar Rao. 

The actor who enjoys a huge fanbase in Bollywood was at the receiving end recently after a few social media users alleged that she had got a lip job done. People even put up pictures of her pointing out that she had undergone a surgery. 

Now, in an interview to a leading tabloid, Shruti opened up on the controversy. While she neither confirmed not denied getting a lip job done, she gave it back to the haters in the most epic way. Slamming them, she said, “It’s my face, my body. What I do with it is nobody’s business. What people write about me on social media does not bother me. I am not answerable to anyone.”

Shruti who gained weight for her character in her upcoming movie was also trolled for her weight of late. However the actor responded to it saying, “Looking good is part of our job, but the unnecessary chatter about weight must be filtered. Maintaining an ‘acceptable’ figure for an actress is impossible. We are human. We gain and lose weight for roles and sometimes naturally too.”

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