The shocking and condemnable crime against Bhavana and the arrest of the main accused Pulsar Suni looked like a open and shut case of blackmail by petty criminals. But the Aluva police had all along had evidence of a much bigger conspiracy and have probed the case relentlessly for the past four months leading to the arrest of what they dubbed as the big fish Dileep.

It has been reported that Dileep was contradicting his own statements​ during the twenty odd hours of interrogation.Numerous photos of Pulsar Suni on Dileep’s film shootings established that the two had strong connection. The memory card containing the video of the atrocities on the actress was delivered to persons close to Dileep.

Pulsar Suni unwittingly blurted out the Mastermind behind the conspiracy to jail inmates planted by the cops. Phone conversations between Pulsar Suni and persons close to Dileep provided the link to the conspiracy.

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