Game of Thrones season 7 episode 1: What’s going to happen in the premiere, ‘Dragonstone’? 7 predictions


Season seven of Game of Thrones looks set to be astonishing; Winter has finally come, there’s a mad Queen on the Iron Throne, and another Queen wielding dragons.

The season premiere, titled ‘Dragonstone’, should get everything rolling smoothly, setting up everything to come. So, what’s going to happen? Let’s have a quick look at where everyone is, and where they’re likely going this episode.

Daenerys arrives at Dragonstone

The island of Dragonstone, home of House Targaryen for some time, will obviously play a large role in the episode, with Daenerys likely reaching the island and setting up shop this episode. Chances are, she’ll be here for some time, so don’t expect anything too riveting, minus one scene where she sits her bottom majestically onto the island’s throne.

King in the North

For Jon Snow, season six finished with the Stark/Targaryen being crowned King in the North by his fellow men. However, as all Starks know, Winter has finally come, and the young hero knows the true danger of the White Walkers. Chances are, this episode Jon will at least begin preparations to set off to meet Daenerys.

Littlefinger’s games

With Jon gone, Littlefinger will likely seize the opportunity to split the family, attempting to manipulate Sansa against Jon. After all, Jon’s a bastard and she’s a real Stark, why should she bow down to him? However, Sansa’s become a keen manipulator herself, so expect a battle of wits to begin between the two.

Arya the Assassin 

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Last we saw of Arya, she murdered Walder Frey and was seemingly heading North. Could we see a sister Stark reunion? Probably not this episode, seeing as Game of Thrones premiere episodes are nearly always all set-up, so expect the basic reasons for Arya heading North to be established.

Jaime reacts to Cersei blowing up everything

Before season six finishes, we were only offered a brief glimpse at Jaime’s reaction to Cersei murdering had of King’s Landing. Expect some harsh words to be exchanged between the two, along with some scheming to annihilate the approaching Targaryen army. Perhaps the beginnings of an alliance with Euron Greyjoy?

Bran reaches the Night’s Watch


As seen in the released photos, Bran’s group reach the Night’s Watch, having travelled South from their encampment with Coldhands/Benjen to reach The Wall. When Bran passes through The Wall, though, will it come crumbling down? Many fans believe so thanks to a certain Bran the Builder theory, which you can read more about here.

The return of Gendry

Joe Dempsie arrived at the Game of Thrones premiere earlier this week, all but confirming his return to the show. Can we expect him to row back to Dragonstone this episode? Let’s hope so.

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