Dipshi Blessy, story editor of Bigg Boss, reveals if the contestants are supplied with food

There are many unanswered questions about Bigg Boss which remain secret for a common man. To clarify all these, we caught up with Dipshi Blessy, who is one of the story editors of the show.

We asked if the contestants really cook the food, all by themselves, or the production team supplies the food secretly. She opened up by saying, "See, if we provide everything to them, we wouldn’t get the content. If they cook by themselves, they’ll fight and start to quarrel, and we will have a video content. Only when they fight, we would get good content. We wouldn’t provide items needed to make Pizzas, Burgers, and Lasagnas. Only things like flour powder, dals, onions, tomatoes etc would be given.

Oviya has literally cried to us asking for bananas, but we would not give a damn about it. So, it is only the food items that come through the budget will be provided to the contestants."

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