Kangana Ranaut to work assist editor in her upcoming film Simran

Kangana Ranaut, who was hitting the headlines for all wrong reasons during the making of her upcoming film Simran, is now back in news for another issue associated with the same film. Earlier, Kangana who was said to be assisting director Hansal Mehta during the pre-production work was allegedly demanding the writing credits for the film. When Simran’s posters witnessed Kangana’s name on the writing credits ahead of the actual writer Apurva Asrani, that’s when the trouble began. This decision from the director has hurt Apurva Asrani who took it to Facebook to express his anger with a long disappointment message.


Now, the latest we hear from B-town reports is that Kangana is highly disappointed with the teaser of Simran which released last month. Looks like Kangana has spoken about her disappointment to the director and expressed her wish to sit with the editors for the final editing of the movie. Mehta, who found the idea good, had asked Kangana to contribute her inputs to the senior editors of the film.

However, such decision from the director has surprised many in the production team who felt Kangana’s input can lead to spoilers. Simran, on the other hand, is gearing up for a September release and this will be Kangana’s first film of the year.

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