Jilla actress Scarlett Wilson slaps a co-actor for misbehaving with her

Actress Scarlett Wilson, who is popularly known for her item dance numbers Manohari in Baahubali: The Beginning and Jingunamani in Vijay’s Jilla is back in the news. This one, however, is not a pleasant news to share. Scarlett supposedly slapped a man on the sets of her upcoming Bollywood movie when the actor tried to misbehave with her.

The incident apparently took place on the sets of a Bollywood film Hansa – Ek Sanyog which features Scarlett in an item song. Actor Umakant Rai was the man on the receiving end. If the report is to be believed, actor Umakant Rai was spotted making rather unsophisticated gestures towards Wilson. The actress lost her cool the moment he tried to touch her hair. Wilson reportedly brought the shoot to a halt and stormed out of the sets. Actor Umakant Rai was also asked to leave the sets.

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