Sathish Krishnan supports Oviya and makes comments against Aarav in Bigg Boss
Dancer and actor Sathish Krishnan, earlier this morning, had a conversation with STR over Twitter about Bigg Boss. Now, he has posted something more about the show, and here is what he had to

"After seeing the promo. Oviya is doing the task, and Aarav allows Julie to massage him and Gayathri to press his hands because he treats them as friends and very clearly it is seen that he has no silly feelings for them. Why can’t Oviya do it to you boy? Is he confused with Raiza after the haircut session? I don’t know why he has to run away from Oviya. Unakku avalo scene thevailla raja.

I don’t think Oviya is so cheap to run behind. I am sure you would have given your words, and I can seriously find something fishy in his body language. Wantedly, doing this keeping Oviya around and massaging, walking away and sitting next to Raiza, dai thambi school pasangale epadi lam panrathu illa ippo ne en da. Oviya is growing more stronger now. Escaping from the situation where he cannot face her directly. If he is polite to Oviya and he feels good for her why does he do things which will really irritate her?

I wish Oviya gets ten crore votes this week. And channel should announce it to the housemates. Appo therium, who she is. They are busy saying that she does all these stunts for publicity. I am asking the same question, why can’t you guys do it? Gayathri thinks now, and Bindhu has started to dance. So Oviya doesn’t know what to do. People eyes always look forward for Oviya dance ma. Ippo podarenda vote-u. Intha tension la Julie veettukku annupa maranthudatheenga . Vaiyapuri sir adicharu jackpot. Also, don forget to save him", his Twitter post read

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