This heroine wants true kiss is not just RUBBING LIPS says this heroine!!

All of us have our eyes attracted toward the intimate and romancing scenes in the movie.But to speak the truth it is not that easy that we see.It is all acting so the coordination of the actors plays an important  part.
The lead actress of Babumoshai Bandookbaaz.  Confessed that kissing scene was not an easy job for her.She confessed telling that took multiple retakes for the intimate scenes on the film to come naturally. Yes that’s true as the perfection is awarded well by the audience. The chemistry between the actors was so smooth perfect as we see. Alas, heroines this is the secret behind that perfection.

As the reports say, Bidita always admired Nawazuddin for his amazing acting skills. Hero Nawazuddin helped her doing the perfect  kiss Bidita wanted the kiss to look so true and lovable and didn’t want it to be just rubbing each other’s lips. Their involvement was recognized , congratulations on the film certification with just 8 cuts. Now the film will release with its own original flavor on 25th Aug as the hero tweets.

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