Caring less for her body Tamanna


It is customary to maintain a slim appearance in the way the heroines dance.Top stars like Tamanna, Shriya and Kajal Agarwal are the most concentrated ones. Earning crores has to do all kind of hard work, such as diet, exercise, yoga for slim appearance. A few months back, Prabhu Deva and Tamanna had acted in the film Devi. In this, the dance of Tamanna was danced with tenderness as she bend her milky hip in all ways possible stunning and giving a treat to her fans. However, Tamanna has recently begun to wear body weight and plumpy and blumpy.


Tamanna played with good roles in various films, including Bahubali, and has paired well with top heroes. With a huge pay check from her successes she isnt really keen on keeping her slim shape. She relaxes, diet and eats her favorite food. Jr. NTR starring ‘Jai Lava Gusa’ Tamanna played for a song in Telugu film. He was paid a huge amount for this.

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